We are wholeheartedly grateful to LGBTQ Equality Weddings for helping us to better communicate our commitment to equality. The wedding industry considers and refers to heterosexual couples first and foremost, by default, and that needs to change. While we pride ourselves on being an inclusive business, we understand that we live in a hostile world, that no matter what we all have unconscious biases, that sometimes our language is clumsy, non-inclusive and doesn’t always convey an equality and diversity message despite the best of intentions. That is where LGBTQ Equality Weddings comes in - they have helped us in a way that was never critical and always constructive. Instead of telling us not to use certain words and phrases, they have guided us with alternatives. As a directory, they genuinely care about the couples who use their resources and passionate about teaming couples with the best of suppliers to take that very real, added layer of stress out of wedding planning. We are very proud to be part of this family. It really is one big love-in, where love is paramount and every couple is special and we love being part of it. #LoveisLoveForLife!
— Days of Dahlia

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