We're so excited; couples are already signing up to receive your perks & discounts directly to their inboxes! 

To read more about (y)our success so far, head to the bottom of this page. 

We are NEVER going to charge you exorbitant membership or listing fees, and we've been doing our utmost to make this movement as affordable as possible i.e. free entry to the lists, inexpensive merchandise, free social media exposure, free website security support and so on. 

This service will however naturally attract a small admin fee.  We are starting with £10 per entry.  This will have your perk or discount circulated in our e-book to our subscribers and every new subscriber from 30 September 2018 until 31 March 2019.

Another bloody bargain; we know!   

Have a quick read of the Small Print before submitting your perks & discounts and by submitting, you are agreeing that you have read the Small Print and agree with it.  See you in the e-book!

Small Print

  • Remember, know your value. A perk doesn’t have to be a discount.  We don’t want our suppliers to work at a loss; we want to help you generate business in a forever changing and challenging industry.  We want a reason to put you before our couples but it has to make business sense for you so please think carefully about your perk or discount before submitting it; 

  • The first Perks & Discounts e-book will be sent on 30 September 2018; 

  • We will work hard to continuously promote our Perks & Discounts e-book throughout the year; 

  • Each e-book will be resent to every new subscriber for a 6 month period from the date it is first published; 

  • Your perk or discount must not expire before the end of the 6 month period in which it is published; 

  • You must honour your perks and discounts (subject to availability) and if you do not, you will be removed from our Perks & Discounts e-book and our lists; 

  • We will use the image you have already supplied to us in your Perks & Discounts entry to the e-book; 

  • You must treat our couples and all couples with the utmost respect and practice great customer service.  They must not be treated differently for booking with a discount code - we are not Groupon! 

  • The £10 entry fee qualifies you for one listing for 6 months.  We will allow more than one listing per supplier if there is the right balance of suppliers/categories.  Please indicate in the comments section if you'd like to be contacted for multiple listings; and 

  • Upon submitting your offer, you will receive an invoice which will need to be paid before your listing is drafted.  

Name *
This is just for internal record keeping; your name will not be shared with couples.
Please include the website address/social media address that you would like couples to be provided with. Please include only one.
Please include a clear description of one perk or discount that you are offering LGBTQ equality weddings subscribers.
Please include any restrictions or terms that apply to your perk or discount i.e. times of year that are excluded, subject to availability, restricted to certain locations only etc.,
Your perk or discount must not expire before 31 March 2019.
Please include a unique code that LGBTQ equality weddings couples will provide to you to redeem their perk or discount.

(Y)our Success So Far

We’ve been informed that couples are booking you without asking “are you ok that I am gay?” or “do you do lesbian weddings?” and they’re finding our suppliers through the #youdontneedtoaskhere hashtag, our social media, and of course our website.  This is by far the success that we are most proud of.  You're showing the world that they don't need to check that you're ok with their identity.  THANK YOU.

We have just been approved as a corporate supporter of Stonewall and so we will be working closely with them and hopefully that will provide us with some exposure and support for our message. 

We are also looking to work with Plan International UK too in their fight to prevent child marriage - more to come on this.  

Here are some stats because we're proud of them but also because we believe in openness and transparency too.  LGBTQ equality weddings is about you; it's a supplier fuelled movement and we're all in it together so you should know what you're part of:   

We launched on 12 June 2018

We have 27 categories on The List UK

We have 178 suppliers on The List UK (with around 30 pending)

We have 8 suppliers and 6 countries on The List Global (with 6 pending)

We’ve had 8,426 unique visitors to our website

We have 1,966 pages linking back to us; and  

We have 2,006 followers on Instagram (and we're turning to Pinterest soon)

This is just the beginning...