If you’re passionate about inclusivity and building that passion into the language of your business then an LGBTQ Equality Weddings Inclusivity Language Review should be the first thing at the top of your business investment list.

Following your review, we will robustly recommend you for 12 months but do not be mistaken, we are not just another wedding directory selling a marketing/advertising solution; we are considerably more valuable than that, to you, to couples, and to society.

We’re building a community of love and inclusion that goes way beyond a token logo in the footer of our websites. We are here to share insight and knowledge, to keep up to date and relevant from a language perspective, and to build a community that has the diverse couples we supply to, at the heart of everything we do.

Our reviews offer you insight and knowledge (25 pages of it, before we even begin to apply it to your business) and if you choose to adopt our recommendations, they will help you show couples that you’re wholeheartedly committed to inclusivity. They will read your website and instinctively know that they don’t need to ask whether you ‘do gay weddings’. Your language will speak louder than the hashtag and louder than the logo.

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