Our tribe is growing rapidly and joining us is very easy and free.  All you have to do is commit to equality and be proud enough to shout about it.  Why? Because it is unfortunately still required but also, because it provokes conversation and education and we must all keep learning.  

Our number one aim is to advocate equality for all which is why we work hard to keep our lists free and our important message spreading.   

Wedding Professionals

If you supply exclusively to the wedding industry, our equality weddings badge is the one for you.  All you have to do for a spot on The List UK or The List Global is display our badge on your website with a link back here.  If you don't have a website, you can show your commitment to equality by purchasing some of our merchandise* or you can do both!  Pretty simple, right?!  

You can download a JPEG or PNG version of our equality weddings badge here. 

If you would like to use the badge in any other way such as on printed literature, you must contact us for permission and a licensing fee may apply.    

Once our badge is on your website or your have made a merchandise purchase, please send us an email by clicking here to let us know. Please include a high resolution image that showcases your business and a link to where you would like that to point.  We will then add you to The List UK or Global**.     

Upon applying, you will receive an entry code for our Facebook Group; come and say hello. 

Multi-Industry Professionals or Non-Wedding Professionals

We cannot leave anyone out and all businesses have a part to play in supporting and promoting equality whether that be treating their customers equally or recruiting without prejudice.  Why not show the world how committed you are and encourage others to the do the same?   

If your business supplies to a range of industries (not exclusively weddings) or you are a non-wedding business, our equality business badge is the best one for you and you can download it here

As per the requirements above, as long as you supply to the wedding industry, you can join The List UK or Global whether you opt for the equality weddings badge or this one. You may also use both badges if you like!

We will promote non-wedding businesses on our Instagram and Facebook pages and record your details ready for the launch of the LGBTQ equality business website.

We started with the industry of love but every industry has a responsibility to promote and talk about equality.  Join us and let's make the world a better place. 

Remember, you don't need to exclusively supply to LGBTQ+ couples, customers, or recruit only LGBTQ+ people, you just need to welcome everyone.  This is not an LGBTQ+ only business; it's a business where equality means that every single person is treated equally, without exception and a business that constantly strives to learn and re-educate itself.     

Help us get our badges on websites worldwide! 

*UK only, no minimum spend.  

**We reserve the right to reject applications and will provide full reasoning for doing so should we exercise such a discretion.  Multiple listings are available, however, due to the time it takes to maintain our lists, any second listing will incur a £10 admin fee.  All single listings are free inline with the requirements above.  Just drop us an email if you'd like to appear in multiple categories/locations.