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If you’re passionate about inclusivity and building that passion into the language of your business then a membership with LGBTQ equality weddings should be the first at the top of your business investment list.

We are not just another wedding directory selling a marketing or advertising solution; we are considerably more valuable than that, to you, to couples, and to society.

We’re building a community of love and inclusion that goes way beyond a token logo in the footer of our websites. We are here to share insight and knowledge, to keep up to date and relevant from a language perspective, and to build a community that has the diverse couples we supply to, at the heart of everything we do.

Our membership options are built around our inclusivity language review reports, produced by us, with contributions from Nova Reid, who is the author of award-winning blog Nu Bride and a diversity advocate and consultant. Our reports offer you insight and knowledge and if you choose to adopt our recommendations, they will help you show couples that you’re wholeheartedly committed to inclusivity. They will read your website and instinctively know that they don’t need to ask whether you “do gay weddings”. Your language will speak louder than the hashtag and louder than the logo and if that isn’t enough, our reviews also make it possible for us to robustly recommend your commitment to equality to the couples we engage with, on and offline, with absolute confidence that you know your stuff.

Our language reviews are also packed with amazing resources that will help you create the business of the future and we will include a resource specific page in our Member Area too. We’ve made sure to create a product that’s more than worth its value and will continuously keep it under review for relevancy.

Join without delay; the industry, the world, and our couples need you!

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