Our number one aim is to advocate equality within our wonderful industry (and beyond). To do this, we gently encourage our tribe to have an open and friendly dialogue around diversity and inclusivity and to show their commitment to equality by proudly wearing our badge or sharing our equality promoting merchandise.

You don't need to exclusively supply to LGBTQ+ couples, customers, or recruit only LGBTQ+ people, you just need to welcome everyone equally into your business and be open to reflecting on the language that you use.  

We're a business where equality means that every single person is treated equally, without exception, and so we welcome couples who identify as LGBTQ+ and couples who don’t, everyone is welcome to benefit from our free resources because everyone deserves to know that their wedding professionals really do put love first!     

Joining us is free and easy. That being said, we are always very grateful to receive your merchandise orders because not only does this spread our message in the real world, help you show that you’re inclusive, but it is the only way we can keep our business viable and lists free.

All you have to do is sign up below* and you will receive access to our Supplier Only Area which includes step by step instructions on how to join us, either as a Wedding Professional or as a multi-industry business supplying to the wedding industry (with immediate badge download)**. 

Once you're listed, do pop back here and check out our Working Together page, for new and exciting ways we can collaborate (updated regularly). 

We look forward to working with you and making the world a better place, one business at a time. 

Here's a snapshot of our story so far (updated 13 September): 

We launched on 12 June 2018;

We have 30 categories on The List UK;

We have 221 suppliers on The List UK

We have 11 suppliers and 6 countries on The List Global;

We recruited our first member to The Team in August 2018 and our second in September 2018; 

We’ve had 14,927 unique visitors to our website;

We have 2.1k pages linking back to us;   

We have 2,789 followers on Instagram; and

We have 7.2k monthly unique viewers on Pinterest!

This is just the beginning... 


*Please note that your space on our lists is contingent on you being on our Supplier Only Mailing List.  This is because we're more than a badge and we want to get to know and work closely with our community.  We will never oblige you to do or buy anything, we just expect you to hear us out if you're benefiting from our hard work.  You are free to unsubscribe at any time but please not that your listing will be removed from our website should you choose to do so. 

**Please remember that whilst we allow you to upload our badges/logos to your websites and/or share on social media, they must not be used in any other way without an intellectual property licence.  This includes printing in any form or adding them to your own marketing materials.  Please drop us an email by clicking here if you'd like to discuss licensing our badges beyond what we already permit. Additionally, we do have a graphic design team so if you would like to outsource your marketing materials to us to produce, we can provide bespoke quotations which will incorporate our badge/logo without the need for a licence. The only way we can survive as a business and keep our lists free is by preserving our intellectual property rights.