How exciting! Thank you for taking an interest in being one of our models. The only requirement that we have is that you identify as LGBTQ+. We are also keen to hear from those in non-traditional relationships (i.e. ethical non-monogamy/polyamory) with a view to working together to strive for better representation within the wedding/ceremony industry. We don’t need to know any more than that, that’s your business, and we recommend only sharing further information with your styled shoot team if you want to and if it forms part of the message YOU want to put into the world.

This project aims to achieve better and more representation of LGBTQ+ and diverse love, relationships, and families in the wedding/ceremony industry + beyond. CIS het models are still being used to represent LGBTQ+ inclusivity and that needs to change. We should not only be representing ourselves but we should also have access to the benefits of styled shoots, whether that’s payment or beautiful professional photos for our portfolios or living room walls! If we can’t represent ourselves then how are we represented?

The only way we can help facilitate change is to build a strong community of people who are happy (or at least willing to be) in front of the camera, who want to be part of this change, and who might benefit from having a portfolio of amazing professional photographs. This service will give suppliers access (through us) to you to help them avoid tokenism when attempting to be diverse in their representation and inclusivity.

Example model graphic

Example model graphic

That said, it is our aim to ensure that YOU are always in control. Styled shoot briefs will be sent to You and You will only reach out to suppliers if You want to. Your details will never be provided directly to suppliers. You get to decide whether you’re happy with time for prints, or whether you want to charge a fee for your time.

Before we roll out this service to suppliers, we’d like to have a decent number of willing participants ready to go, equipped with some basic information on how to stay safe and what to expect, and for suppliers to be equipped with insight on how to properly represent those they work with, what questions to ask and not to ask, and how not to capitalise on our relationships for inclusivity sake. We plan to charge suppliers for this crucial consultancy but we do not plan to charge you a penny and we do not seek to take any commission from any fee you manage to negotiate for yourselves. The benefits are all for you, this opportunity is yours.

We need to get this service right so please bear with us and if you have any thoughts, we are more than happy to make sure your voice is reflected in the guidance for couples and suppliers alike. Your voice matters.

Are you in? Yes, we hear you shout! Then all you need to do is complete the form below, email us a good quality photo of you (it doesn’t have to be professional), and we will create a graphic for you similar to the one of Ava here and we will be in touch again with details of the service launch.

In the meantime, we would love for you to join our closed Facebook group designed specifically for you where we can discuss all things modelling and representation. Join now by clicking here and please, please, please recruit your friends and social media followers by sending them a link to this page - the bigger our community, the louder our voices, the quicker we bring about change and who doesn’t want to be styled and made up for the day?!

We’re so excited to be working with you because #RepresentationMatters and we will not stop until #YouDontNeedToAskHere is the new ‘norm’.

Ava and The Team

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If you selected other, please detail minimum fee below
If you would like us to add any accessibility requirements to your graphic, please include them here. All suppliers will be encouraged to check in with you in this regard ahead of any shoot so feel free not to include them at this stage if you'd prefer not to.
Please let us know if you'd like us to consider adding anything to our guidance to models or suppliers that will ensure a positive and safe service/community. Please also use this space to let us know if you have any questions or concerns at all.
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That you identify as LGBTQ+ (at the time of signing up). That no contract will exist between LGBTQ Equality Weddings and you. That you understand that this is a referral only service where we refer supplier briefs and model calls to you and you only reach out to them if you want to. That all fee negotiations or contracts entered into for modelling services are strictly between you and the suppliers you approach from any briefs forwarded to you by LGBTQ Equality Weddings. That we are not in a position to advise on contractual terms and cannot advise on anything beyond our guidance document that will be provided to you before we forward any briefs to you for consideration. That we can email you supplier styled shoot briefs and model calls from time to time (we will not email you for any other reason). That you are never obliged to respond to any briefs or model calls if you do not wish to. That we do not accept any liability whatsoever, and it is your sole responsibility to carry out due diligence on suppliers before meeting with them, contracting with them, and modelling for them. That you will be removed as a model if you fail to show or do not provide adequate notice of cancellation once you've committed to a shoot, more than three times. That you will report back if you have any negative experiences at all so that we can provide appropriate feedback to suppliers and ensure that we do not continue to work with anyone who is not fully committed to providing a safe and positive representative environment for our models. That you will read our guidance document in full (to follow) before responding to your first brief. That we cannot control what each supplier ultimately puts into the world but that we will do our best to advise on good practice and follow up with them if they detract from such guidance. That you will have fun.