Further Information & FAQs

I’m a start up or small business and my budget is low but equality is important to me. Can you help?

Yes. We want to be accessible to everyone. We are pleased to offer payment by way of 3 instalments to those in their first year of business. Please email us by clicking here so that we can set up a payment plan for you. Please note that payment by instalments will be made by way of recurring invoices sent by email with the ability to pay by debit/credit card either online or over the phone . Up front payments can now be made directly through our website.

What does ‘A comprehensive inclusivity language review of your business’ mean?

This means that our team will conduct a detailed review of your website or main business page, your customer booking form, and your Terms & Conditions /Contract in order to provide you with specific recommendations that fit your business i.e. we will apply our insight and knowledge to your business.

What does ‘Recommendations in an easy to read format’ mean?

We do our utmost to make our recommendations as simple as possible and easy to digest because we know how busy you are. We will refer to specific sections of your business, and providing page numbers where possible. Where we recommend changes, we will provide alternative paragraph wording that can easily be copied and pasted, if you choose to adopt them and we will provide more than one alternative, if possible, so as to give you options.

What else will your review provide?

Our review recommendations will be sent to you in a report format. It will include our specific recommendations and a whole host of helpful information for you to read and hopefully adopt at your leisure. It will also include our Core Values, which we require our members to embrace (although you probably already do). It is not a requirement however that you publish these anywhere in your business but you are welcome to if you like.

I’d like to add your Core Values to my website, what do I need to know?

You are permitted to copy and paste our Core Values and add them to your website and/or your business documentation. We simply ask that you provide us with the necessary copyright notice which will be included in your report. We also ask that you do not change the wording of our Core Values.

What else can I expect in your report?

As well as recommendations specific to your business, we will also include, at the very least, the following:

  • A section called, Don’t Assume; Do Ask, which provides basic tips on how to take the lead from your couples;

  • A list of gender identities with our understanding of each;

  • A list of sexual orientation terms with our understanding of each;

  • A brief explanation of our understanding of personal pronouns, i.e. he/his, she/her, they/them, with examples; 

  • A brief list of honourifics/titles i.e. Mr, Mrs, Mx, with our understanding of each;

  • A detailed list of recommended word/phrase swaps, (wedding industry specific and general), which includes alternative terms for Bride, Groom, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen (also a great source of inspiration for new inclusive products and/or stationery and an opportunity to collaborate with us on new designs); and 

  • A section detailing further useful resources which includes recommendations for LGBTQ legal experts and further diversity training and/or knowledge.

Will you keep my documents confidential?

Absolutely. As soon as we have sent your report to you, we will delete the documents we have reviewed and the email that you sent to us attaching them.

How are your recommendations formulated?

Our recommendations are made on a consultancy and research basis only. They do not constitute legal advice. We will detail in full where we collaborate with third parties on the information we provide in our reports and will from time to time instruct diversity and inclusion consultants to supplement our own insight and knowledge, because we want to give you the best information available.

Is there anything else I should know about the website listings?

Our website listings are provided at face value. That is, we do not promise a ROI by way of bookings. This is because the ROI is the insight and knowledge that you receive through our review and report. That being said, we do hope that you receive bookings as a byproduct of your membership and we are happy to work with you at the outset of your membership year to make sure you are happy with the content of your listing. We are pleased to report that our listed suppliers have indeed already received a number of bookings through our website, through displaying our logo, and through tagging their photos with our hashtag - #youdontneedtoaskhere.

What is a suite of logos and what can I use them for?

We have designed a number of logos with a range of wording to suit our diverse supplier members. Founding Member badges can only be used by those who are given Founding Member status. Please do not use this logo if you are not a Founding Member. If you are in any doubt about this, please ask. Those who fail to adhere to this notice may have their listing removed. You are welcome to use all other logos in digital form for The Basic and Standard Yearly packages. Digital form includes use on your website, your email signature, or in digital marketing banners across the internet. The Basic Yearly and The Standard Yearly packages do not provide an intellectual property licence to use our logos in print form. Please choose the The Advanced Yearly package if you would like to add our logos to your printed marketing materials.

Where can I find them?

You can find the suite of logos in our Member Area, together with more ways in which we can collaborate and a link to our member only merchandise shop. You will be provided with a password to access these areas upon receipt of payment for your membership year. Please do not share this password. Please also ensure that you sign up to the Member Only Mailing List (in the Member Area) to be notified of password changes (from time to time) and other important member only news.

Why do you have a members only merchandise shop?

We have decided to make our branded merchandise available only to members. This is so as not to enable tokenism i.e. selling our branded merchandise to suppliers whom we have no knowledge of or relationship with. By providing our branded merchandise only to our members, we have some comfort of knowing that when they represent us through our brand, their values are aligned with our own. We have also reduced the cost of our branded merchandise by more than 10% and no longer charge P&P. That being said, we are and will be, selling products that are not branded and these are available to everybody in our main shop.

What is the Perks & Discounts E-Book?

We have designed an E-Book full of offers from our members and non-members, which is distributed to our couple subscribers and every new subscriber for a 6 month period from the date of first publication. The first edition went into circulation on 30 September and is valid until 31 March. You can access a copy by clicking here. We are currently compiling our April 2019 edition starting with our members first.

Our April 2019 edition will be open to members and non-members. Members will be provided with priority positioning and will be clearly labelled to show that they are recommended by us, for their commitment to equality.

Prices for our 2019 edition, outside of our membership packages, will be available in due course. They will be published here and in our Member Area.

So, I can use your logos in my printed marketing materials if I opt for The Advanced Yearly package?

Yes. This includes business cards, flyers, and brochures. It does not include any merchandise that we provide in our shop and/or larger marketing items such as banners. Please contact us for bespoke items and we will gladly quote you for these.

Will the review process eat into my yearly membership?

No. The procedure is as follows: Buy your membership or make your first instalment payment > we will welcome you with access to our Member Area and ask you to send your documentation for review (website link/booking form/Terms & Conditions, as sent to couples) > you will see our listing requirements (for your profile on our website and listing in our E-Book) in the Member Area, which you can send at any point prior to receiving your report > you will receive our report (your year starts here) > we will request your listing information if we haven’t already received it > your listing will go live within 48 hours of receipt of the required information (providing all Required Changes have been made) > We collaborate further, as much, or as little as you like.

What is the turn around time?

We aim to produce our reports within 3- 6 weeks of receiving your documentation. At quieter times, we may greatly exceed your expectations and at busier times, we may take longer. We will provide a best estimate at the time you sign up but do ask for your patience. We want to deliver a personal and detailed service to all of our members. This is why we delay your membership start date until we deliver our report to you.

Isn’t this policing?

No, we don’t have the authority to police any business. We simply offer collaboration. Our inclusivity language reviews offer insight and knowledge that we work hard to keep up to date, relevant, and applicable to the wedding industry. We make our reviews compulsory to our members because it not only adds benefit to their business and couples the world over, but it also allows us to robustly recommend them based on their commitment to equality. There will be a Required Changes section but we will only make our website listings dependent on changes that would cause offence or exclude. If our members have concerns about any Required Changes, we are here to collaborate and work on a compromise that makes our members feel comfortable and our couples feel included. Everything else will be optional and for your information only.

How are you tackling tokenism?

We are one business and so we are aware that we cannot stamp out tokenism entirely. We are careful however about not enabling tokenism and that is why we charge a membership fee and carry out our reviews as the focal point of our memberships. This helps us develop a professional relationship with our members, we know them and therefore know who we are recommending. The collaboration also enables us to create a safe space for our members to check in with us and ask if they’re unsure about what terms are okay to use and what are not. We sometimes decide not to try to ‘get it right’ for fear of ‘getting it wrong’. We are working with our members to overcome this fear in a judgement free and supportive space. For those members who are already very well informed, they are contributing to a more inclusive industry for all of us. Investing in a membership with us goes considerably further than what we might offer one business. We also structure our memberships yearly to allow us to conduct regular reviews to keep up to date with evolving language and the progression of our members’ businesses.

Anything else?

The Membership Options, this Further Information & FAQs page, and our Terms & Conditions all make up the contract between us. If there’s anything that we’ve missed out that you’d like to form part of the contract between us, please let us know when you’ve reviewed the Terms & Conditions. We are keen to collaborate with you and value freedom of contract and transparency.

Do you offer a referral bonus?

Yes. For every business you refer to us, we are happy to give you a £1 discount on your next year’s membership, up to a maximum of £30 i.e. 30 referrals. Our ultimate mission is to change the face and language of the wedding industry for the benefit of us all and we cannot do that without you and your colleagues. We don’t need huge profits, we just hope to be sustainable so we can continue our work for you and with you. Please make sure your colleagues quote your business name when applying, in order to receive your referral bonus.