Our mission is to support wedding professionals to help them understand that the letters in LGBTQ + represent lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning people, not just same-sex couples. We do this so you don’t have to when you’re planning your wedding.

We work hard with wedding suppliers to help them understand that the + in LGBTQ+ includes a beautiful diverse group of people whose gender identity or sexual orientation goes beyond the heteronormative wedding industry (and world) that we’re working hard to change, for the better.

We help with inclusive language, new diverse products, and marketing solutions so couples can find inclusive suppliers and options much more easily.

Our founding Recommended Suppliers, (you’ll find them on The List) supported us from the beginning and we couldn’t have done the work we’ve done so far without them! They are committed to learning about and promoting inclusivity in all that they do. They work closely with us on their business language to make sure it is inclusive and representative and they continue to be robust allies striving for change in this wonderful industry founded on love.

They’ve also adopted our awesome Core Values that we all pledge to embrace in all that we do. Click here to check them out.

Then we have #YouDontNeedToAskHere businesses - they’re wedding professionals who have supported us by investing in our downloadable Inclusive Language Guides to help them equality proof their businesses so they can say, YOU DON’T NEED TO ASK, ‘do you do gay weddings?’ HERE, because you shouldn’t have to ask it anywhere! Look out for this hashtag on the web.

So that’s us, now over to you! Whether you’re LGBTQ+, an ally, or simply a person who truly believes that LOVE is LOVE, then we want to help you plan your big day and we’ve put together some perks and discounts for you. Take a look around and give us a shout if you need anything else, oh and why not have a nosey at The Team, they’re a friendly bunch, we promise!

Important - Our Recommended Suppliers are recommended on the basis of inclusive language only and we do not recommend the quality of their products and/or services (because we haven’t tried them). We are extremely confident however that you will be treated equally by them and we can shout from the rooftops that they’ve gone considerably further than just saying they’re open and inclusive. Nevertheless, we recommend doing your own due diligence as to all things non-equality related and we do not accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever arising from your instruction of any Recommended Supplier listed on this website or in our E-Book. 

#YouDontNeedToAskHere businesses are not Recommended Suppliers. They have shown support to us and our business tagline by investing in our Inclusive Language Guides. They are not listed on our website but may display our hashtag logo. If you have any concerns about any wedding supplier on this website, or using any of our logos, please contact us using the email icon in the footer below. Your experience is important to us.