Project Voice

Thank you for taking an interest in being part of our exciting new project. We plan to share the voices of not only the LGBTQ+ community but of all underrepresented people who might one day get married, who’re current planning their wedding, or who are already married and have some insight and hindsight to offer.

The main purpose of Project Voice is to raise the right voices i.e. future customers of wedding professionals, current customers, and past customers with the main aim being to educate and offer real experiences to wedding industry professionals so they can keep doing the things that have worked, can reflect on and adapt the things that have not, and generally become more educated and knowledgeable about LGBTQ+ issues, great customers service, and diversity in general.

We want Project Voice to bring about change and we cannot do it without your views and experiences so if you’d like to be part of something great, please do complete the form below and we will be in touch.

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We would like to include equal voices from each life stage as detailed below.
We are keen to share views from those who identify as LGBTQ+ although we welcome views from everyone. If you are happy for us to include your gender/sexual orientation, to show that we are presenting views from diverse identities, please provide details below, otherwise, please leave blank.
Please let us know all of your thoughts about the wedding industry as it stands. Please do not name individual businesses whether your experiences are good or bad. Please instead, refer to them by category i.e. photographer, venue etc., - please be honest and authentic and don't worry too much about a polished view - we will edit and reach out to you if we decide to include your views in Project Voice.
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