How do I ask someone what pronouns they use without singling them out?

What questions should I avoid asking my client when planning their name affirmation ceremony?

What else can I use when addressing a room instead of ladies and gentlemen?!

By request, we are delighted to offer our Donate & DM service for those who have quick and specific inclusivity questions. This service allows you to donate what you can afford and no more, providing for affordable and accessible inclusivity solutions for all.

Just hit the big red square, make your donation, and send us your inclusivity question(s) by email or DM (direct message) through one of our social media platforms (links below).

Taaa daaaa; your inclusivity solutions will be with you within 24 hours. No fuss, no formality.

Perfect for quick and accessible inclusivity consultancy, advice, and guidance on specific topics that might impact your wedding business. You need to know, like yesterday, how to write inclusively about a wedding where both of the couple are the same sex/gender, or you need to know what not to do (or say) when advertising and offering naming ceremonies for trans and non-binary people, or perhaps you need to respond to a situation that you wish you didn’t have to deal with and need a friendly (and knowledgeable) team mate to help you through it.

Our consultants offer a judgement free space for you to ask questions (and have them answered) without the fear of offending. This service is also perfect for ensuring that your styled shoot is as inclusive as you think it is.

Our consultants are highly experienced with working with LGBTQ+ individuals and especially with trans and non-binary youth and can support you in being LGBQ+ and trans and non-binary inclusive. We call them our trans specialists of which there’s only a handful in the UK; how lucky are we, and you, to be working with the best of the best?!

Ready to take inclusivity seriously? Just hit the vibrant orange picture and schedule your session now!