The Inclusivity Language Review is fantastic. It’s hugely encouraging and positive; it recognises all that you’re already doing and then gives extra insights into ways you could do better. The advice is really specific, thorough and constructive. It’s clear that Ava and the team went through every page of my website, and all the marketing materials I sent them, with a fine-toothed comb. I think it speaks volumes about the style and approach of the report that I didn’t feel defensive in the slightest when I was reading it. You feel like you’re part of the team; they’ve got your back and they’re trying to make sure you don’t inadvertently lose a potential client.
— Charlotte Simpson Ceremonies

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This service will give you insight, knowledge, and tailored solutions. It will free your business language of unintentional stereotypes, damaging assumptions, and it will help you speak to all people, confidently.

It will ease your doubt, it will help focus your efforts on what being inclusive REALLY means, and it will save you time attempting to figure it all out whilst also being an entrepreneur, planning weddings, shooting them, creating for them, or crafting ceremonies for them.

It will make you competitive, it will save you from the dreaded tokenism trap, it will gift you a network, increased earning potential, opportunities to be before beautiful nearlyweds and it will give you friendship. It will activate your inner activist, and it will empower you and inspire you to always do better.

Well at least this is what our current Recommended Suppliers are telling us!

Ready to schedule your review? Just click the pretty pink picture, pick your review start day, read the T&Cs (seriously, please read them, you’ll be amazed at all the goodies you’re getting) and let’s get started on equality proofing your business and being able to genuinely say, #YouDontNeedToAskHere®.

Includes: 25 pages of written insight to keep referring back to, wedding industry specific word/phrase swaps and why, definitions, assumptions to avoid, personalised and specific recommendations on how to tweak your current language without losing your personality or making major changes to how you do business (you are important too), further business resources, training opportunities and third-party advertising opportunities, full website proof read (spelling, grammar, broken links, security pointers, SEO pointers, functionality feedback), a 12 month website listing, a 12 month listing in our E-Book, intellectual property licenses for our logo(s) and #YouDontNeedToAskHere®, a supportive community, access to branded merchandise, friendship, and ad-hoc shout outs on social media.

Your business has considerably more documentation than others and you need more inclusivity wisdom from us. No problem. We’ve got you covered. Sprinkle our inclusive wisdom over your blog posts, your articles, your marketing materials, your mailing list emails, and anything else you can dream up that’s not already covered in our Inclusivity Language Review Service.

This service is also perfect for those of you who would like a quick and efficient inclusive language overhaul without becoming a Recommended Supplier. You want to get to the point and you want to get there quickly; you want to make sure that whatever part of your business a consumer is reading, you’re able to confidently say, #YouDontNeedToAskHere®.

Ready to send us your ceremony scripts, your casting calls, your awesome articles, your blog posts, your marketing campaigns, or throw in your whole suite of documents? Just hit the bold blue picture, book by the hour, and catapult your business into an equal future where you can #LeadLoud and #LeadProud.

Please note, Extra Review Hours can only be scheduled in 1 hour slots. If you require more than one or two hours, we recommend contacting us for a bespoke quote by clicking here; this will save you from manually scheduling each review hour individually - let us do that work for you, you’re busy with weddings! Discounts are also offered for block bookings or support by retainer. Get us on your team!

Perfect for quick and accessible inclusivity consultancy, advice, and guidance on specific topics that might impact your wedding business. You need to know, like yesterday, how to write inclusively about a wedding where both of the couple are the same sex/gender, or you need to know what not to do (or say) when advertising and offering naming ceremonies for trans and non-binary people, or perhaps you need to respond to a situation that you wish you didn’t have to deal with and need a friendly (and knowledgeable) team mate to help you through it.

Our consultants offer a judgement free space for you to ask questions (and have them answered) without the fear of offending. This service is also perfect for ensuring that your styled shoot is as inclusive as you think it is.

Our consultants are highly experienced with working with LGBTQ+ individuals and especially with trans and non-binary youth and can support you in being LGBQ+ and trans and non-binary inclusive. We call them our trans specialists of which there’s only a handful in the UK; how lucky are we, and you, to be working with the best of the best?!

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