It’s wonderful to be a part of the LGBTQ+ Equality Weddings community. I’m so glad it exists and, although things are slowly getting better, I still see all sorts of ways that the wedding industry needs to keep pushing to represent and include all types of couples. I’d been trying to make my business inclusive all on my own but it’s easy to slip up. Now I have the support and information I need to take that to the next level. I feel like I’m part of a movement - I have a whole community of like-minded businesses to collaborate with and experts on-hand to ask for help with diversity issues should I need it.

To anyone trying to decide whether to sign up or not I’d say ‘go for it’. Just because you’re doing things pretty well on your own doesn’t mean you can’t keep learning and improving - and making the financial and time investment of joining up is a way of communicating to potential clients that you’re proactive on the issue of inclusion.

The Inclusivity Language Review is fantastic. It’s hugely encouraging and positive; it recognises all that you’re already doing and then gives extra insights into ways you could do better. The advice is really specific, thorough and constructive. It’s clear that Ava and the team went through every page of my website, and all the marketing materials I sent them, with a fine-toothed comb. I think it speaks volumes about the style and approach of the report that I didn’t feel defensive in the slightest when I was reading it. You feel like you’re part of the team; they’ve got your back and they’re just trying to make sure you don’t inadvertently lose a potential client (because, for example, they had to scroll right to the bottom of the screen to see something that should have been more visible or something like that). I also loved the fact that the report went beyond its headline subject matter just to let me know about loading issues, typos, screen layout etc. I built my website myself - with no experience - so these kind of tips were massively appreciated. The Review also gives a clear beginner’s guide to some of the basic vocabulary, guidelines and pitfalls you need to know about if you want to get diversity right. I’m thinking of signing up my dad as a Christmas present. He’s nothing to do with the wedding industry but I think it would help him in daily life...
— Charlotte Simpson Ceremonies
Thank you so much for all of the time you have spent reviewing our website and completing such a thorough, professional and personalised report just for The Stationery Garden. I enjoyed reading the report and I’m absolutely delighted that we are already well on our way to inclusivity!

I’ve no doubt that every aspect in the report will be of great value not only to The Stationery Garden and its clients, but to the wedding industry as a whole...and beyond!

It’s clear to see the hard work that has gone into communicating a wealth of information in such a clear and concise manner so that it is easily useable for all. I have learnt a lot from the report and working with you directly, which is always a pleasure. You have personally given me a lot more confidence in how to not only be more inclusive in business, but also in life!

It is easy to say that you support equality for all, LGBTQ+ friendly etc., but having the tools and resources available to put that into practice so that couples need not ask is invaluable.

I highly recommend a membership with LGBTQ equality weddings for this reason primarily however I also appreciate the additional exposure and marketing opportunities available.

I fully support the recommendations you have suggested and I’m particularly keen to widen our gender neutral and non-traditional role offering in the online shop. Our collaboration was such an enjoyable start to this, I’m already looking forward to the next! We will update our member badge and would also love to display the Core Values on our website too.

Thank you also for looking at the website as a whole and picking up misc. errors - appreciate this is outside your scope but SO much appreciated!
— The Stationery Garden
Proud, pleased and very excited to be a founding member and listed celebrant with LGBTQ Equality Weddings - a fabulous wedding planning resource for ALL couples who are considering the huge array of options available for their wedding celebrations!

I, alongside every single one of the suppliers included, is genuinely committed to offering ALL couples just what’s right for them on their wedding day - and the most important part of that, is signing up to being absolutely inclusive - offering EVERYONE who wants one, the wedding of their dreams!

NO couple should ever have to check or ask ‘are you ok with us?’ on the basis of gender and/or orientation.

All listed suppliers’ marketing materials and websites are thoroughly checked and audited to ensure inclusive language.

LGBTQ Equality Weddings strongly promotes the message that equality and acceptance are essential, and that love is love, no matter WHO. I’m delighted to support this ethos and to be a part of the LGBTQ Equality Weddings family.
— Jane Blackman, Humanist Celebrant
The review was wonderful, thank you. I implemented your feedback this week. It was so useful. I would be devastated to think I was putting people off working with me, so it’s great to have someone point out why the little cliches you can fall back on without thinking, like ‘hey guys’, could be exclusionary and why. It’s not something I would have picked up on without help and I’m so glad I know so I can make sure I’m as inclusive and welcoming as possible.
— Gettin' Hitched Rocks
I am delighted to be a founding member of this wonderful website and community. I believe passionately in offering the perfect ceremony for every couple I work with and know from first-hand experience what it feels like to be anxious about being accepted. My goal is simply to make people feel accepted, comfortable and understood. I think that the core values of LGBTQ+ are something to pledge allegiance to and will continue to strive everyday to ‘get it right’ for everyone. I was delighted to have Ava and the team review my website and other materials, language is never static, and it is critical to keep up to date. My language report is a wonderful tool and I am proud that my hard work to ensure inclusivity has been recognised. I think this website is the most wonderful resource for everyone and wish everyone involved continued success.
— Julia Hawkes Celebrant
I am going to share a lot of love for a website and directory that, well, shares a lot of love!

I am proud to be a founding member of LGBTQ equality weddings. I came across their website on Instagram a few months ago, and supported them right away? Why? Because they are a wedding directory set up to educate and promote businesses in the wedding industry who share their core values of supporting equality for all. They are a one stop shop for all couples and their wedding needs, no matter who they love.

I am incredibly proud to be a part of a wedding directory that goes above and beyond in not just featuring inclusive suppliers and small businesses, but in helping to educate them too.

I’ve just received my language report, tailored to me, to ensure all of my worded material is inclusive.

It’s not a tick-boxing exercise to please others. It’s about ensuring I am doing all that I can and educating myself to be as inclusive as possible to any prospective couple. It’s about making positive changes and providing the best customer experience I can no matter who chooses to get in touch.

I am so proud to be part of a directory that is changing the wedding industry for the better and I urge you to join. LGBTQ equality weddings, thank you for supporting, educating, and sharing a community of suppliers with inclusive beliefs.
— Grace Elizabeth
We’re proud to be founding members of LGBTQ Equality Weddings, and we’ve always tried to make sure that our service is as inclusive as possible.

So we were thrilled to receive our language report. It’s detailed, thorough and very approachable. The recommendations were simple to understand and to action. As well as a review of our marketing pages and core service, the report covered our terms and conditions — which as a chunk of largely boilerplate legalese is very easy to overlook. It even helped us correct a little typo that had sat unnoticed for years!

The brilliant thing about the approach taken by LGBTQ Equality Weddings is that it demonstrates a commitment to making sure the services listed in the directory genuinely walk the walk. And it allows us, as directory members, reassurance that we’re as welcoming as we hope to be.
— Buy Our Honeymoon
I was excited to be the first reported on and very happy with my report’s content, thank you. First, it’s great to have the positive recognised and confirmed. Second, it’s hugely helpful, from a development point of view, to get fresh eyes on my work and lastly, the report was thorough, considered and entirely developmental and supportive. I’ve implemented the couple of suggestions and it’s prompted me to cast a fresh eye over other things I produce. I’m looking forward to a long and positive collaboration as a member of the LGBTQ equality weddings tribe.
— Christine Berrisford - Humanist Ceremonies Leeds