Ava Korwin, Equality Advocate/Non-Practising Solicitor

Founder of LGBTQ Equality Weddings and Equality Businesses | Pronouns - She/Her

After 14 years in the legal industry, Ava decided to walk away from a world that didn’t seem to value diversity and inclusion in the way that she did. Ava quickly found herself planning a wedding for Wish For A Wedding and realised that she had the perfect skill-set to make such an important day not only seamless, but reflective of, the uniqueness of the couple getting married.

During the early stages of Ava’s new career as a wedding planner, Ava received a number of queries like, "do you do gay weddings?". It quickly became apparent that there was a similar lack of commitment to, and awareness of, diversity and inclusion in the wedding industry too. Alas, Equality Weddings was born.

Ava saw an opportunity to provide couples with a safe resource where #youdontneedtoaskhere and an opportunity to work with committed and equality focused suppliers around inclusive language and the creation of a more representative service and product offering that goes beyond the heteronormativity that pervades the wedding industry.

When Ava is not pairing couples with their ideal supplier team, advocating for equality, or supporting other small businesses, you'll find her climbing a mountain, drinking copious amounts of Yorkshire tea, or singing (terribly) to her cat, Coco. Say hello to Ava by clicking here.

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 Photo by Yuriy Romany

Photo by Yuriy Romany

Nova Reid, Author and Diversity Advocate

Founder of multi-award winning wedding blog Nu Bride, and Diversity Consultant and Trainer at Nova Reid | Pronouns - She/Her

Nova was nominated as a Positive Role Model in the 2018 National Diversity Awards for her advocacy work to bring more diversity and race equality into mainstream media. Nova is an inspiring and passionate diversity consultant and trainer and uses her professional background in mental health and NLP to focus on mindset change.

Nova works with small business owners (like us), organisations, and individuals to embrace the business opportunity that diversity brings and to confront and dismantle inequality in the workplace (and beyond).

Nova is a passionate advocate for equality and for helping people be the change they want to see in the world. She regularly appears on BBC News, Sky News, and BBC Radio as an expert and is a popular keynote speaker. Nova offers a number of services including popular Pick My Brain sessions for those sticky questions around language, political correctness, castings, or to help avert a PR crisis in marketing campaigns. Nova also provides workshops and in-house diversity consultancy for progressive businesses. Say hello to Nova by clicking here, read more about the important work Nova does by clicking here, or to find inspiration for your wedding day from a blog renowned for celebrating diversity, click here.